Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Lonely Bull

Sits by the gate, as close as he can get to the cows.
Mr Bull is the big red fellow. See how the fence and gate are in front of him. Spring is migration time for our cows, they move from the general herd area, to inner corral, to barn, to nursery corral.

The 16 ladies who have had their babies are now in the nursery corral on the other side of the barn. Three still preggers cows are enclosed in the inner corral near the barn, so they will handy to tend when calves arrive.

That leaves Mr Bull and two steers in the general herd area. Most mornings he can be found in this same spot, as close as he can get to the ladies.

*note: the original photo is large, so if you want a closer look at this impressive male specimen click the photo, and click again.


Waterrose said...

ahhhh, poor close, yet so far away!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Such a watchful, considerate guy! So sweet.

Beadwright said...

This is a great photo and story.

Mumsy said...

It is apparent that Mr. Bull loves his ladies. :) I really like cows, I had one years ago that would come up on the back porch and watch me through the door, she followed me everywhere when I was outside. Mr. Bull is quite handsome. Hugs

niftyknits said...

entirely inappropriate, but it's all your fault I'm now singing "Once upon a time there was a little white bull..." do you know that song in the States? A childhood favourite of mine.