Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meerkat World Tour - Etta's trip complete - Now up for adoption to permenant home

If you have been following the Meerkat World Tour, you know there are *3 baby meerkats, knitted by Heather of Nifty Knits who went out visiting Etsy Treasury Team members around the world.

Heather's Local Newspaper, recorded the initial send off of baby meerkats.

At the end of each Meerkat's tour, the baby returns to England to show Heather and Meerkat Mom the goods collected from around the world. Then another big excitement ensues. The meerkat baby, goes up for adoption, baby and all the goods collected on the tour. People like you and I can vie to become the "new" parent by entering the "giveaway" for the baby meerkat and goods on the Etsy Treasury Team Blog.

Etta is the first to complete her tour.

Here is Etta, shown with a painting she completed while staying with Mozo in Oregon.

Etta's adoption plan is in progress. It takes a little work to quality as the "new" family and to win Etta. Every person can earn up to 15 entries, definitely worth a try. So give it a whirl.... go here to enter. Competition will close on Monday 12th April. GOOD LUCK! Open to all, internationally!

* to clarify for those not intimately familiar with the tours. Two originals started out: Etta and Treasure. Etta has completed her tour. Treasure made lots of great stops and good friends, but alas went missing between Estonia and Turkey. Alchemy (the meerkat who visited with Frank and I a few weeks ago) stepped up to complete Treasure's visit schedule. Alchemy is currently in Arizona with a number of other stops yet to make.

There are lots of entries already, but hey, YOU won't win for sure if YOU do not enter.



Waterrose said...

Excellent post and I'm working on the post for Alchemy's visit here in Arizona.!

Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Rose. Am very excited to read all about Alchemy's visit to you.

niftyknits said...

As Jane says - got to be in it to win it! Only a day left now, get your entries in now. Thanks Jane for a delightful resume :-)