Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four Leaf Clover


On the path to Marlow Hill, while taking Ogee (our dog) on his afternoon stroll on pasture trails on our farm.

We hope it brings us good luck and that by trotting on home and sharing our find with you the good luck extends to you too. Best wishes for a lovely end of the week. For those of you in drawings we hope you win. :D

Jane and Ogee too

*Marlow Hill is now pasture, long long ago it was the Marlow homestead, the old stone foundation is still there, almost hidden under dirt and grass.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Have a safe, fun and wonderful weekend. Hugs

Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

Hi Mumsy, You are so welcome. Hope you too are enjoying this fine weekend. Hugs, Jane

Lana said...

Oh cute, I haven't found one in years!

Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

HI Lana, Glad you like it. They are few and far between for me too. The last was 3 to 4 years ago. It is such a thrill when one is spied. Wishing you the best for finding another. Jane