Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marketing Tips for the Etsy Seller - part 2 - Showing Up in Searches

Whoo Hoo, so perhaps you have already established a shop on Etsy, have the virtual shelves stocked and are waiting for those sales to happen. Oh oh, very few people are finding your shop; how do you let people know you are open for business, have great product, and some swell stuff that will make their lives happier, easier, prettier?

Position your shop and shop listings to be found by search engines.

Help people searching for goods online, especially through google search find YOUR goods on Etsy. The way you state the title, description, tags, when you write about your goods in each listing effects how well your items will be found by search engines. That means you need to Learn about and keep abreast of SEO --- search engine optimization. -- Read Etsy’s Guide to SEO

Follow Etsy forum threads on SEO, watch for articles in Storque and don't be bashful about finding information off Etsy about SEO. SEO is not static, as the internet grows, the community changes, the way search engines find, identify, and rank items that come up in searches changes. If you are using outdated methods, your items are less likely to be found and counted.

Position your shop and shop listings to be found by search on Etsy.

--Titles and Tags are the areas to focus upon for people to find your goods when they search using the search box on Etsy.

--Lots has been said on this on Etsy - here are a few resources to get started:
from Etsy Success Tips: Increasing Your Views on Etsy
in Guidelines & Tips: Tagging on Etsy published in Jan 09, but still relevant

Enough reading for one day. Next installment will be ways to Promote yourself and your goods on and off Etsy.



Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous tips, darling!


Eileen said...

Thank you for sharing from your store of knowledge and experience - excellent tips!