Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marketing Tips for the Etsy Seller - part 1 - Know your Selling Site

The dream to often goes:
“put your art for sale online in an Etsy shop and sales will come”

-- but, you know, that rarely happens.

Just as most of us work to create our art, our product; we must work even harder to bring it to the attention of buyers; then even harder to get the buyer to part with their own hard earned cash.

So how does one get people aka buyers into an Etsy Shop?

And once there to purchase?

Work it, Work It, WORK IT. On Etsy, Off Etsy, most art will not sell itself. To sell, it must be seen, be available, be desired.

If you do not treat your Etsy Shop as a business, it is not likely to make money for you.

Know your selling site.

Keep a finger on the pulse of Etsy.

Etsy is a fluid ever changing community of administrators, sellers, and buyers.
Take time to learn how Etsy functions and then keep up with changes.

--Sign up for Etsy E-mail newsletters
Five different news letters are available. Each one helps the shop owner keep a finger on a different aspect of Etsy land. Depending on your situation. needs and interests you may only want to subscribe to one, to a few or to all. The same articles and information can also be found in “the Storque” Etsy's blog and/or the Etsy Forums. The newsletters are a nice way to get the information in a more summarized manner if one does not wish to spent time sifting through the blog and the forums.

--Start with at least the Etsy Success newsletter for tips from Etsy Labs and top sellers on how to help your shop bloom! arrives via e-mail on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

--Subscribe to the Etsy Labs newsletter or go to the Community Page to see what workshops, critiques, programs are available to sellers for the week.

Scroll down past the Community Updates to the Virtual Lab calendar for a by day, week, or month view of programs. You can then see what is available and get programs pertinent to you on your personal schedule.
for example here is a copy of today's schedule.

--Newbie chat and Shop Critiques in virtual lab are online group real-time workshops with an Etsy Admin who appears via live streaming in the center of the "lab room". You and other Etsy Sellers, will be seen as avatars and have the ability to type in questions and comments that scroll up on a chat board. These are info packed valuable sessions. They can be very helpful, you can ask questions; and you may be chosen to have your shop critiqued. Or you can just observe and take in the info.

--Use the Etsy Seller Handbook Yes, it is big, it is complex; it is helpful!

That is likely enough to explore for 1 day. Tomorrow will bring you information on things you can do once you have an Etsy shop to be found, to promote yourself and your goods.

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niftyknits said...

good advice Jane! I like your new clean look, you've been spring cleaning your blog!