Friday, June 11, 2010

A Challenge Met

Bruce, one of the other vendors at "Grandma's Attic" set me a mission to clean a couple of cowboy hats that he wished to offer for sale in his booth. OK, mission accepted, especially as he also had some lovely lady hats he had acquired with me in mind. (Fellow vendors, and owners of Grandma's Attic are just the nicest group of antiquers - am so happy to be part of that scene.)

Here are the cowboy hats as they came to Bruce.
dirt at back of crown
Stetson brim wobbly and crown soiled

Was not sure if the grime and stains would lift out of either one, but hey, never know till one tackles it. The result
After cleaning

After cleaning, still not mint but much of the stains are gone. Both show their age and wear, though more mellow than before cleaning, and more wearable once again. And of course, hats are more special with a little history and a little patina.



niftyknits said...

they look great - in fact I wouldn't mind wearing one myself!

Love Lucy said...

how did you manage to lift the stains, did you use drycleaning fluid?

Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

No fluids, just dry methods - brush, vacuum, freeze, brush, vacuum, chalk, freeze, brush, vacuum -- over and over. Then steam and shape. Takes patience and a gentle but firm hand. HTH