Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Marketing Tips for the Etsy Seller - part 3 - Promotion on Etsy

Don't hide in the back alleys, get involved and move about in the Etsy Community. When people see you, they are more likely to pop into your store.

1. List new items or renew listings several times a day. Space out listings/renewals -- avoid listing or renewing many items at one time.

You want the brief time a new listing/renewal photo scrolls across the Etsy Front page to hit different times of the day, different people. This also brings your items up faster in Etsy searches by buyers.

2. Be active in the forums on Etsy. Joining in discussions in the forum is one way some people get their name out to others. This is not something I do well. It is time consuming for me, but others with faster response times and smooth social skills can do really well by posting in forum.
People see your avatar, find your words interesting and visit your shop. If you are social, like BB, and are a good chatter. Head for the forum.

3. If you read an article in the Storque, take another moment to make a comment. Something relevant and positive; or a useful pertinent question or observation.

4. Nominate your own goods or goods of others when opportunities for a special voter, or to suggest items for particular "finds" arise." MaryMary, Etsy admin, says: To stay in the loop with upcoming voting topics and how to get involved:
* Check the admin announcements section of the forums
* Read the monthly merchandising series
* Sign up for Etsy Success emails
* Keep an eye on the Community Hub

5. Make Treasury Collections on Etsy. The Treasury is explained in the Etsy Seller’s Handbook. Any Etsy member can create a gallery collection of works by sellers. Others may select your items to show them off in a Treasury list. You may select items and create a list to show off items of others. It is a gallery style way for people to view products on Etsy. When you feature others, they often will take note and feature one of your items. Contact those whose items you feature with an upbeat positive message about their item being included in your treasury list and a link to the list, so they have the opportunity to view, comment, and promote if they choose.

6. Participate in shop critiques. Find times on the Virtal Lab schedule. Give and Get feedback on others shops and on your shop. There are live chats with Etsy Admin which I highly recommend. There are also teams who do critiques. Get feedback on your shop from someone other than yourself.

7. Join one or two Etsy Street Teams. There are regional, interest, and product focused teams of sellers. These groups are not administered by Etsy. They are sellers getting together to help each other promote. Etsy encourages teams. In Minnesota there are several teams, one that encompasses the entire state is Handmade MN Street Team.
Handmade MN Team Blog

If you have other ways of becoming visible on Etsy please do share that in the comments here, either with a write up or add a link. Sometimes things change rapidly on Etsy, so stay sharp and keep abreast of changes.

Also remember, all of the above are choices, potentials, pick what works best for you, try things, adapt what feels right to you, what brings in views and sales for YOU.



Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Very good tips and very well written!

Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

Thanks so much Michelle.

Cheerful Demet said...

Many thanks for the tips :)

Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

Cheerful, You are very welcome.