Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Run Rabbit Run

run through this door

to show what you have become when you hopped on a white hat

and ran circles on a pink one

How did this happen?

Take some wool scraps -- dive into the scrap bin, score some non-ravely wool or other fabric, felt is tops.

Cut out lots of bunnies. -- these are die cut on my Accucut Grand Mark IV. No die cutter available - use a cookie cutter, coloring book or other rabbit shape as a pattern or hand draw on freezer paper.

Detail the ear, nose and eyes. Hand embroider with floss, french knots for nose and eye, backstitch for ear. If you are not into embroidery - use fabric paint.

Attach to a hat - These are hand stitched with a running stitch. One could also use fabric glue.

Wear and Enjoy.



Crystal said...

Very cute, Jane!

Such adorable, whimsical rabbits...

and so "in" at the moment with the current "Alice in Wonderland" fever!

Crystal :-)

Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

Oh Crystal, thanks for the kind words and whoo hoo, dumb me, did not think about the "Alice" connection. Just like all fiber producing critters and was working on caps for those who raise and those who spin rabbit fur. You are right though, Wow, wonder if I can get some rabbits on a top hat in time to catch the Alice fever crowd. :D Hugs to you too, I can always use a nice hug. More hugs, Jane