Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hot and Cold Packs - Relieving aches and pains

You have no doubt heard the expression "When it rains, it pours." Well that is true on several levels here at Tranquility Pastures Farm this month. Climate wise, it has been rare to have two sunny days in a row this summer. We only watered the garden 1 time and that was in late spring. Definitely not usual for northern Minnesota.

Secondly, July rained with gifts too. Won another giveaway. Epheriell Designs features online sellers, often with fabulous giveaways. Here is the migraine relief set I received from The Ferris Wheels

The migraine relief kit is awesome. While I coveted this for myself, I have passed it on to a friend who's father was recently diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Figured between he, my friend and her mother - the variety of comfort afforded by the eye pad, the neck pack and the foot warmers will help them all through some difficult days.

While Sally has specifically created the set to target migraine headache; it affords relief by cooling the head and warming the feet, each component from the eye pad, to neck roll, to sock warmers can be used alone and either as a cold or a warm pack. For cold therapy you cool the pack in the freezer, for warm therapy you heat it in the microwave. Each pack is well sewn, comfy, and well shaped for the intended body part.

Thank you Sally, for this very generous gift.


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