Sunday, July 04, 2010

Last Chance to win Alchemy Meerkat

If you have not yet entered the grand contest to win Alchemy Meerkat and the parcel of souvenirs collected on her world tour, now is the time to put in some entries.

***This giveaway will end on Monday, JULY 5th at 12Midnight PST and the winner will be announced on the Meerkat World Tour Page and on the ETTEAM Blog.

Each individual may enter up to 18 times. Yes, Yes, just two short of 20 entries allowed to each person. You must do a little work to get each entry and leave a way to contact you should you win. The work is more like play, as you need to visit host shops (Glorious Hats is one) and go back to the Etsy Treasury Team Blog to leave a comment stating your favorite item from the select shop. You may leave 1 comment per shop. So you can enter 1 time with one shop or 5 times by visiting and commenting on 5 shops, or if you really really want lots of chances, visit and comment on all 18 shops.

To enter visit the Etsy Treasury Team Blog and submit your comments there -- Alchemy World Tour Giveaway

Best wishes, believe me, Nifty's meerkats are beyond adorable. I sure do enjoy my own "Little Miss" and the souvenirs are top notch.


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