Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marketing Tips for the Etsy Seller - part 4 - Promotion off Etsy

Even though a community site such as Etsy brings in traffic because it is a venue hub that draws those who wish to buy handmade items, most vendors will have more sales by working to bring new viewers and creating interest in a product outside of the selling venue.

These are some ways to begin doing that.

1. Send photos to relevant flickr groups. While you cannot use flickr to “sell” or “directly advertise” your item, you can put photos of your product on flickr. Link to your shop in your flickr profile. Post relevant photos into special interest groups such as the “Craft” magazine group. Your work may be noticed and discovered.

2. Blog routinely, put an Etsy Mini on your blog. Buyers often like to “know” the artist. A blog can be a way to talk about yourself and your work. Find the Etsy Mini feature on “your etsy” page, set it up and copy the code into you blog sidebar.

3. Use Social media such as Twitter and Facebook. These methods work very well for people who are chatty, can blend a bit of social skill, be interesting, and when people find you interesting, they will look at your work.

4. Consider Ads on Blogs or other sites where there is an audience for your product. Do you homework, don’t waste your money. Figure out your target audience, figure out if a particular blog or site has a large number of viewers you want to see your ad.

5. Join one of the cooperative or gallery/advertising sites. For example I buy space on Lovely Clusters -- to participate in group advertising to a particular audience. Find one that fits with your style and product.

Which of these you use, and how you use them will depend on your personal style and product. Remember, that the more people who know you, see your product, and recognize your product, the more likely you are to sell something.

Monitor your shop traffic

--Sign up for Google Analytics
-to filter out your own visits to your shop follow the instructions here

--“Syndicate your shop” Syndication helps google search find your items
- the link to activate this is on “your Etsy” page in left hand column

--Watch views and hearts on Craftopolis This gives a picture overview of what people are viewing in you shop and what they are “hearting” (marking as a favorite item.) Also find if you are in any treasury collections.

--Another way to view visits, hearts; plus to see if you were on Front Page is at Craftcult

Set Goals, Monitor your Progress

--Work with intent: Plan it, do it, review it for effectiveness. Change, adapt, or keep on.

--A number of Etsy Sellers give free advice on their blogs. One who has generally useful tips is Absolutely Small
--Goal Spreadsheet
--The Etsy Marketing Tracker
--Make it Happen

General Marketing Info and Resources

Find who you can learn best from and work that program. There are many business consultants and marketing advisers, all vying for your attention and your money. We all learn and work differently so look over what is available. Sometimes paying for a program will jump you farther ahead, sometimes taking the time to scout out what is available and free will be more effective for you.

Just using the tips and sellers newsletter from Etsy may be enough for you.

If you want more help, look at these for a start, then google similar, see what other’s recommend in blogs or in Etsy forum.

1. Article “How to Make Money on Etsy” by Lindsay Silberman for INC. -- a useful overview article

2. Follow helpful blogs

Full time Etsy Crafters

Three Tips on “How to Make Money on Etsy” by Muyinmolly l

----- Ah yes there are so many things one can do; choosing which ones, where to begin, and how much time to commit to selling your craft can be overwhelming. Pick what seems best to you as a beginning and start somewhere. Work on one to three aspects at a time, develop it or let it go depending on what is best for you. Doing a few things well is likely more effective than doing many things poorly. Each artist/crafter/vendor needs to take the time to figure out what works for them, how they wish to brand and promote their goods.

I hope this series of articles has been useful to you in providing options, ideas, resources.

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niftyknits said...

Great ideas Jane! Regarding "don't waste your money" on blog adverts - of course, many blogs have free adspace with project wonderful. There is still a danger of wasting your time micro-managing though, time is money after all. I am the worst offender! Free adspaces with PW in theory only last for 2 days - however, I seek out blogs with free spaces and place a one cent advert for as long as I like. It will remain free until such time as somebody else bids for the spot.

Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

Thanks Nifty. Appreciate your words on how to use blog free space effectively. Looks like you are "doing your homework" alright. Like how you note to watch out for micro-managing. There are so many opportunities, and figuring out what works for each one of us who sells online can be so individual. By pooling experiences and tips, like you have done sure helps others too. Thanks again. Jane

Captain Dumbass said...

I love Etsy. If I wasn't so broke I'd shop there all the time.

Crystal said...

Oh Jane,
This series has been just wonderful! You've compiled such a comprehensive resource for not only etsy sellers (both new and experienced), but in many ways for *anyone* who's thinking of sticking a toe in the water to try and sell her art. :-)

Thank you!

Sending hugs,

Jane Carlstrom said...

Awww Captain if someone was on the ball they would snap you up in a jiffy and you would be able to do more than drool when browsing Etsy. Are you working on a book or magazine articles? Your writing is so enjoyable, so readable, so captivating. Absolutely enjoy your blog and never miss a post. Cheers, Jane

Jane Carlstrom said...

Crystal, Thank you so much for your very kind words.

rc said...

Saludos..... Dejeme decirle que su blog esta espectacular, tiene muy buenos artículos y son muy entendibles, ah! por cierto le felicito por el blog y continue de esa manera contribuyendo con información útil para los visitantes, voy a continuar navenagdo por su blog y le visitare en otras ocasiones. :):):):):):) La entrada ha resultado muy interesante y entrenida, me he quedado un buen rato leyendola, me despido de usted y hasta la proxima oportunidad.

Jane Carlstrom said...

Thank you rc for the kind words. Very glad the articles have been useful for you. Jane

Darlene said...

Just found your blog - and your Marketing Tips (part 4) article.

I really enjoyed the article. Thank you so much for providing such good, solid information to your readers.

Jane Carlstrom said...

Darlene, you are so welcome. Am pleased the articles were helpful to you. Thanks to you for visiting here. Jane