Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ralphie is Here! Along with a Chubby House

Did you know Ralphie?

He lived with my online friend Debi Babcock for many years, he inspired many paintings in many media, on many items. Ralphie transitioned to feline heaven last year, his loss from this world was grieved by many, me being one and no one was more affected and heart-sore than his Debi. You can still catch glimses of Ralphie in Debi's Etsy shop Fishstikks

Now those who know me, know of my fondness for cats, and I always had a soft spot for Ralphie. He has appeared in many many treasuries I curated on Etsy. So this last week, when I WON a lovely giveaway on Fishstikks blog, imagine my suprise and delight when opening the package, there was a Ralphie mirror along with the fabulous Chubby house that was the official prize. Here are Ralphie and the Chubby House along with the wee doll collection they are joining.

Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU!!! Debi, am so thrilled to have won the Chubby House, it not only looks pretty, it is nice to touch. Tactile things are important to me too. Ralphie has already taken control here and is demanding a reading of T. S. Elliot's "The Great Rumpus Cat." Off to read........

Wishing all a grand day, and hope yours includes a purr or two as well.


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